About Us

Cape Cod has been my home for over thirty-five years, at age thirty-two I was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. This diagnosis came while I was an active working member of the community, raising two small children. During this challenging time of my life I endured through a year and a half of treatments and surgeries. I recognize the unique needs and circumstances surrounding diagnosis for young women.

Beads for Breasties first debuted as a fundraising tool for Better Together, a local 501(3)c Nonprofit. Better Together is committed to the health of women diagnosed with breast cancer, focusing on physical and emotional well-being, engagement and peer support, we create a community thriving in survivorship together. We wanted to do more...according to the CDC the total annual medical cost of breast cancer care in the US is 16.5 billion. The highest treatment cost of any cancer. The good news, with higher costs comes higher survival rates. We want to alleviate added stress from financial worries with direct payments to women in active treatment. It's not just purchasing a bracelet, you will be a part of something bigger, providing support and awareness in your community.


Buy, gift, and show us your beads.